Instructor Qualifications

Insurance Claims Mentors and Trainers

All our instructors have unique and valuable experience that give them real life experiences directly related to insurance claims and their settlement. With extensive background in construction, real estate, corporate training and claims management, they have seen, experienced and accomplished every facet of effective claims resolution. This has included personally settling thousands of insurance claims, investigating and resolving re-opened, complex and litigious files. They have also managed teams of adjusters during multiple hurricane events under extreme pressure of time and resource, while at the same time effectively teaching and mentoring rookie adjusters.

We have instructors that have designed and built single family homes in multiple states giving them extensive understanding in construction components and while that is significant, in addition to their personal accomplishments each has accumulated substantial real life perspective on what works and what doesn’t.

Each student will have the opportunity to interact with instructors that have been deeply involved in complex forensic claims evaluation as well as cause and origin disputes and multi-peril claims settlement. Students will also be able learn from instructors who have personally inspected, estimated and settled claims. These are accomplished and successful adjusters who have trained and managed hundreds of adjusters and offered and taught untold hours of effective and focused claims training.

As a result of all this accumulated experience, students will learn from experts not lecturers. No other school can bring together the level of expertise and quality of trainers.

Why learn just theory, why not learn from men and women that are accomplished in their field and teach from their experience?